"Claudia is back home!" Breakthrough after the episode of "Chi l'ha visto?" That's why she ran away


How nice to talk about happy endings from time to time. We are in Campofiorito and it is here that the long-lost woman has come in contact with her lawyer. Claudia Stabile, the mother of three children who disappeared from the province of Palermo on 8 October, is back. The woman wrote an e-mail to her lawyer, but did not return home. The news was fed by Federica Sciarelli from the studios of Chi seen it. The disappearance dates back to a month ago, when Claudia, who was busy preparing a little party for her husband's birthday, phoned to tell him that she would go to Corleone to order a cake and then to the supermarket.

From that moment the woman gave no news of him. The family car was found by her husband two days later at Palermo airport, which is an hour from home, where the car was parked with the keys hidden under the mat. No evidence of tampering inside. Continue reading after the photo

Her husband Piero Bono, a garbage collector, told journalists that there had been no disagreement between him and his wife at that time. The day that preceded the disappearance, according to Bono, had been extremely serene and happy. "Come back – he repeated these days – the children need you". Local TV and television news broadcasts have been dealt with. Continue reading after the photo

The whole country wrapped around Claudia's husband to support him and his children in these difficult moments. In the next few hours the reason for his decision to expel and for not having been in contact with anyone will be announced. What prompted the woman to escape, nobody knows for sure. Continue reading after the photo

Or maybe her husband, now that she's back, can at least ask her. It is true that these small dramas are always better kept within the family. It is one of those cases in which "washing dirty clothes at home" is perhaps better than flaunting it on the winds. As long as there are no more serious problems …

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