Clashes between Lazio supporters and Celtic fans in Rome. Twelve arrests. Stabbed a Scotsman


Twelve Lazio supporters arrested, three supporters of the Celtic stabbed, seven others subjected to Daspo. To this we must add eight complaints between Biancocelesti and Scots and a wounded police officer. This is the balance of the tensions that accompanied the game played at Olympic stadium between SS Lazio is Celtic Glasgow.

With tensions before, during and after the match, the Lazio ultras are stopped on the night after the match. The ultras were arrested by Digos agents for the attempted contact in the area piazza Risorgimento with Celtic fans two hours after the end of the match Europa League played at the Olimpico. After the intervention of the Mobile Department the hooligans fled in an attempt to lose their tracks, but nine were blocked by the agents. Over the course of the night, three other Lazio inhabitants were arrested and identified, for a total of twelve.

In the stampede general a policeman fell and was injured and was transported to the Umberto I General Hospital It is not in serious condition.

Shortly after 2:00 a third 20-year-old Scottish fan was then stabbed, targeted by a man who got out of a car while he was in front of a fast food in via Leone IV. Wounded in the sacral loin area he was transported to the hospital by the ambulance of 118, but it would not be serious. The emergency room health personnel then alerted the police investigating to track down the attacker, in the company of a second person reportedly reported by the Celtic fan injured by the investigators.

Seven Scottish fans instead reached by a Daspo for a duration of 5 years. Among these, 4 fans, during the prefiltration operations, were caught with artifices hidden in the garments, in addition to the Daspo provision they were reported to theJudicial authority.

Two other Scottish fans have been denounced for violence against those responsible for checking the places where sporting events take place and attempted corruption; Undocumented, they showed up at the turnstiles of the Olympic stadium, at first pushing the stewards on duty to enter the plant and then putting money in their pockets.

Finally, the last Daspo always concerned a Scottish fan who obviously drunk, during the checks at the stadium, refused to give his personal details and despite the intervention of a Scottish steward, addressed several offenses to the agents of the State Police there in service believing that it is not understood. The same fan, as ascertained later, was trying to access the stadium using a ticket in the name of another person.

Tensions, clashes and complaints that were recorded even before the kick-off of the match won on the field by Celtic for 1 to 2. The night before, eight fans (three Scots and five from Lazio) were arrested and reported. In particular, the two Scots were reported to have committed offenses against a public official. A third fan was fined for public indecency.

On the Biancocelesti front there are instead five Lazio ultras reported by the Digos of Rome for possession of objects to offend, in particular sticks and a knife. For all five the Daspo was proposed while two of them had already been subjected to the same provision, which had expired.

Complaints that followed other tensions that had led to the previously stabbing of two Celtic fans.

"Multiple lacerated wounds contused by a white weapon on the right side and in the posterior region of the right thigh with air effusion with air bubbles in the peri and pararenal space with voluminous right retroperitoneal hematoma ". It is the medical report of one of the two, a 52-year-old Scottish, wounded in front of the'irish pub between via Nazionale is via Napoli presumably by a group of seven, eight Lazio ultras and transported in serious condition to the Policlinico Umberto I where he was then discharged shortly after 3 am.

The Celtic fan also stabbed a few minutes later in the same hospital piazza Beniamino Gigli, according to investigators from the same who had already left the first supporter of the Glasgow team on the ground. The 36-year-old German was wounded with a stab wound in the abdomen and hospitalized in the emergency surgery department.

The tension was high especially in view of what happened with anti-fascist banners on one side and Roman greetings that occurred before the match then played in Glasgow.

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