Clamorous, the MLS commissioner: 'Ibrahimovic is about to return to Milan. They have already taken it '| First page


The MLS commissioner, the highest football league in the United States, gives a dream to the fans of Milan. Don Garber in fact he revealed, perhaps inadvertently, the future of Zlatan Ibrahimovic in an interview with ESPN: "Zlatan will go to Milan, in two years he has broken many records here". An indiscretion of sudden transfer market, which has left many Rossoneri fans behind: in fact, according to what was declared by the commissioner of the Major League Soccer, Zlatan Ibrahimovic would be close to the Rossoneri return, after his contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy expired in January.THE WORDS OF GRABER

– Garber, owner of the US football league, said: "Zlatan is an interesting character, he keeps me very busy and you need these players as he did with Beckham years ago. He is 38 years old and has now been taken by Milan, one of the most important clubs in the world. He has almost beaten all the goals scored in just two years, I hope he stays but it depends on the Galaxy: I was happy to have him here and I like moments with him, especially when he speaks in the third person ".

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