Citizenship income, takes 700 euros a month and has an abusive pastry shop at home


Punctual as the rain in November, here is a new case of "cunning" of the Basic income. In Salinagrande, in the province of Trapani, the Guardia di Finanza has discovered a confectionery laboratory inside an apartment: who ran the home unauthorized pastry received every month 700 euros of citizenship income. The financiers have reported the owner of the abusive laboratory and seized about 160 kilos of confectionery products, including the traditional "martorana fruit", ready to be resold. To make desserts, inside the kitchen used as a laboratory, they were husband and wife.

At home an unauthorized pastry shop … and every month the citizenship income

According to the reconstruction of the Yellow Flames, in the past man had exercised a regular pastry business which ended in 2000 and from June 2019 he received about 700 euros of citizenship income. The hygienic conditions of the laboratory to which all the sanitary authorizations and the hygienic-sanitary requisites previewed from the laws and the regulations were lacking precarious.

The owner of the abusive laboratory has been denounced for violation of the rules that protect public health, the production and trade of substances intended for food, as well as for having declared falsehood in order to obtain citizenship income. In addition, a tax audit was initiated on the owner of the laboratory to recover the proceeds resulting from the unauthorized commercial activity and, in the coming days, a report will be sent to the competent local INPS office for the issue of the administrative provision forfeiture of citizenship income.

Citizenship income and "crafty": when the subsidy is lost

In recent days they have emerged several cases of undue receipt of the subsidy "anti poverty". The circumstances in which citizenship income can be lost or reduced are clear. In detail, the forfeiture of citizenship income is envisaged when one of the members of the family unit:

  • does not make the declaration of immediate availability to work;
  • does not sign the Labor Pact or the Social Inclusion Pact;
  • does not participate, in the absence of a justified reason, in educational or retraining initiatives or other active or activation policy initiatives;
  • does not adhere to projects useful to the community, in the event that the municipality of residence has established them;
  • does not accept at least one of three suitable job offers or, in the event of renewal, does not accept the first fair job offer;
  • does not communicate the possible variation of the employment condition or makes false communications producing an economic benefit of the higher citizenship income;
  • does not present an updated DSU in the event of a change in the family unit;
  • be found, during the inspection activities carried out by the competent authorities, intent on carrying out dependent work activities, or self-employment or business activities, without having communicated it.

Those who present false statements or documents or attest to things that are not true or omit due information are punished with imprisonment from two to six years. On the other hand, imprisonment from one to three years is provided for in cases where the disclosure to the provider of changes in income or assets is omitted, as well as other information due and relevant for the purposes of revocation or reduction of the benefit. In both cases, the forfeiture of the benefit is envisaged with retroactive effect and the return of the amount unduly received.

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