Citizenship income from 700 euros, but ran an abusive pastry shop at home


Citizenship income from 700 euros, but ran an abusive pastry shop at home

His pastry had closed a while ago, but he continued to sell sweets illegally and in the meantime received € 700 Basic income. It happens in Salinagrande, in the province of Trapani, where the finance guard discovered a confectionery laboratory in an apartment. I'm over 160 kilos of cakes, cupcakes and pastries seized, including the traditional one "martorana fruit", ready to be resold in the various Trapani bakeries and bakeries. The owner, who had adapted the kitchen of the apartment to an abusive laboratory where he made cakes with his wife, was reported for violation of the rules protecting public health, the production and trade of substances intended for food.

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From a more detailed investigation, the financiers also discovered that the holder had falsified the tax return, in such a way as to be suitable for receive citizenship income. In fact, the man regularly perceived i 700 euros per month of the measure that should support the search for employment, and that instead is increasingly being exploited in illegal way.

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In the past, man had exercised a regular activity of confectionery that however had ceased in 2000. A check was also initiated on him fiscal on the owner of the laboratory in order to recover the proceeds from the unauthorized commercial activity and, in the coming days, a report will be sent to the competent local INPS office for the issue of the administrative provision of forfeiture of citizenship income.

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