Ciccarelli: "A change the photograph of Ancelotti's confusion. Dangerous situation, I foresee …"


These are difficult hours for the team of Carlo Ancelotti and the same against Genoa has further complicated things, the comment by Leonardo Ciccarelli.

Leonardo Ciccarelli, journalist, he commented Napoli v Genoa through its own social channels. These are his words: "The Luperto change for Hysaj, at 0-0, with Younes and Gaetano on the bench, against a team that has barely tried to react is the best picture of the confusion in which Carlo Ancelotti is facing. I do not exclude both the last game, which disappointment: there is no pressing, no desire and a slightly more experienced team today would have knocked down the San Paolo. The reasons for this match were two: the team-cheering reaction and Thiago Motta ".

Then he added: "The first one is gone and I invite all my colleagues to think about it: stop taking sides, giving names, giving versions if not 100% certain because the situation is dangerous. What about Thiago? Light pressing of the tips with a 4141 it becomes 541 in defense, interesting, in offensive phase transformed into 4231 with very little incisive, with a setting on the right with a long line for Pandev, at times irritating and prone to suicide.The development and finalization entrusted to Pandev's leftist MAGIC, a player that I would define only with the term "Soave". Badly bad guys, I foresee difficult weeks ".

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