Chile: social protests, UN experts condemn "excessive use of force"


"The high number of wounded and the way in which the weapons were used seem to indicate that the use of force was excessive and violated the requirement of necessity and proportionality". The testimonies, the photographs and the videos of the abuses with which the police and the Chilean army tried to suppress the wave of protests against the government were not enough, now comes the UN certification that had commissioned a group of independent experts to investigate on the situation in the country.
The team – also in the light of a budget that speaks of 20 dead and 1,600 wounded from October 18 to today – issued an alarming statement yesterday: "We are deeply concerned about the news that we receive about abuses against girls and boys; beatings that may constitute torture cases. There have also been reports of sexual violence against women, men and adolescents ".The UN report is a harsh blow to the government of Sebastian Pinera who just yesterday tried to regain some popularity by giving a first, however slender, answer to the square precisely with regard to the issue of law enforcement excesses, putting an agent under house arrest accused of firing two rifle shots into an educational institution occupied by some boys. The perdigones, the dots contained in the cartridge supplied, had bounced off the ground and had slightly injured two minors. The day before, the media had reported an open investigation against 14 carabineros for two different cases of ill-treatment against protesters. Twenty-four hours before the UN report, the seventh criminal court in Santiago had received a complaint against Pinera for crimes against humanity, launching an ad hoc investigation.

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