Chiariello: "Ancelotti made small, they are all defeated. Players depreciated, dangerous situation"


Umberto Chiariello, a journalist for Canale 21 and Radio Punto Nuovo, commented on the delicate moment experienced by Naples.

Live at 'Punto Nuovo Sport Show', broadcast on Radio Punto Nuovo, intervened Umberto Chiariello, journalist and program host, with his EditoNapoli: "The Naples statement was unclear, but De Laurentiis proved very clear. In this story I see no winners, only losers: president, team and coach. How is it coming out? It is very difficult, there is a championship, two cups, a subsequent market that could depreciate many protagonists of the affair, renewals that could jump, a very dangerous situation for the president himself ".

Chiariello then added: "In what was the president wrong? In these cases the company must be ritual, communicate the decision to the children, warn them first, do not let them know by radio. 'Non-punitive withdrawal' leaves the time it finds, there is no need to explain the reasons for a withdrawal, the players were wrong, no doubt, but a leader cannot get the team to this point, we must discuss first with his boys and the president, honestly Ancelotti, from this story, to the my eyes, it gets smaller and smaller ".

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