Chiariello: "Ancelotti has no team against him, De Laurentiis must be good at something"


The Canale 21 journalist and Radio Punto Nuovo Umberto Chiariello expressed his opinion on the mutiny of the Italian football players with regards to the withdrawal.

Live a "Punto Nuovo Sport Show", broadcast on Radio Punto Nuovo, the journalist intervened Umberto Chiariello, with its EditoNapoli: "When do you hunt a coach? When the results do not come, the team goes wrong and does not score points, when a coach loses his grip on the team, when the squad is no longer following you and you are no longer able to exercise leadership. In the first case, I do not agree with the exemption, in the other two, yes ".

That of Chiariello is a decidedly acceptable thought. The opinion on the current momentaccio of Naples by the well-known journalist continues. These are his words related to the radio station: "I don't think Ancelotti has the team against him but here De Laurentiis must be good, wall to wall is useless, he must ask for sacrifices and rebuild the group because the season must be saved". How will this thorny issue be solved? We will find out very soon.

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