Chiariello: "Ancelotti fish in a barrel, he has failed! Lock the Naples key: he doesn't even beat the Viterbo area"


Umberto Chiariello spoke on Canale 21 microphones analyzing what happened at Carlo Ancelotti's Napoli in these last days.

Umberto Chiariello, host of the football broadcasts of Radio Punto Nuovo, has issued some statements to the microphones of Campania Sport, In-depth program on hot topics in Naples and beyond, broadcast on the frequencies of Channel 21. These are his considerations: "Carlo Ancelotti is the man who has to take the situation in hand. Recognized by all as the leader, because on his own he has a curriculum that is worth ten times the history of Naples, in certain situations he cannot make fish in a barrel! He has to lock the team in the locker room and say: "Don't leave here!" If you go out, I'll leave. What do we want to do? And if the team leaves, it draws the consequences of man. There all problems arise: the leader, in fact, or leader is not. But as a "calm leader" and a calm leader, a true leader is needed here! ".

Chiariello then added: "Ancelotti he failed his 'mission' as leader of a club of which he was the lighthouse, because he was the reference for those who, like me, believed in him. I don't care if he is removed or not, for me he has already failed, because the environment is ruined and fractured. Now you have to work! I can't think of seeing a training session in which the son leads the team and he is like this (arms folded, ed). You must put him at the center of the project! He is the man we believed in and the man who must save the season. There is still to play, but the Napoli seen on the pitch with Genoa does not even beat the Viterbo area. If he had not called himself 'Carlo Ancelotti', the tread would have already received it. Now, instead, he has to put his face on it, since he has a nice face like mine ".

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