Chef Rubio "fired", the web is unleashed


"The figure in the picture, an aspiring cook, an aspiring opinion leader, a failed cook and a lack of opinion leader, was lovingly accompanied to the door by the Discovery Channel. I also know the name of the substitute, but a good news one at a time. Let's enjoy this today. "However, in his place there is a real chef. We wish the figure …", writes Antognoni in the post triggering a social reaction. And there are those who claim that politics has something to do with anti-Salvini attacks.

COMMENTS – "Now we understand why #ChefRubio has not spoiled Twitter for a week with its delusions of omnipotence. Karma exists for everyone, even for those who believe themselves to be Gods", writes one user. "Solidarity with #ChefRubio. We're coming back," says Sarah. "A chef has to be a chef. If he breaks the ball for politicians, he has to be an opinionist. But if one is neither a chef nor a columnist, and he does both at the same time, he remains without a program and as a columnist … he sticks on the tram. #ChefRubio go and hide! ", comments Edd. "But the idea that in #ChefRubio closes the program because it sucks, didn't it come to anyone?", Asks Marco.

THE REPLY – After the controversy is the same Chef Rubio, who is in Iran, to point out in the Instagram stories. "The reasons why I decided to stop Truck drivers in the restaurant are multiple – speiga – and I will not be here to motivate them since some things are spoken and have already been discussed. I can certainly tell you that it was the only right thing to do , and to be fair to you that you always support me with confidence, and for consistency with the professional path and life I'm doing, but you just need to know that I no longer had the serenity, motivation and energy to continue to run something in which I felt I had already given everything. Continuing to turn for listening has never been nor will ever be my peculiarity and doing it by inertia would have made me unhappy and even more nervous than I already was at the end of the third season. Truck drivers I did three series and I would say that that's enough ".

Not only. Rubio attacks: "I close by dedicating a thought to the peasants and the caciottare who write about me: for the past six years they have offered me the conducting of almost all the television programs you know and if you have never seen me before and you will never see me there it is only because in the name of consistency I can say "no thanks." These choices have made me give up a frack of money that I honestly would have been comfortable with but on the contrary you can look at me every day in the mirror without spitting in my face, so when talk about me or get better information or keep quiet because otherwise you only make rich shit figures. Ah when you won't see me on TV anymore it will be only because I didn't want me and not your God. "


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