Chef Rubio fired from Discovery? "I'm leaving, I wasn't peaceful anymore"


Chef Rubio fired from Discovery

Chef Rubio fired from Discovery. Too many offensive positions (starting from those against Israel and its citizens up to those against Matteo Salvini) and too many insults about social, from Twitter to Instagram: in the end the TV broadcaster would have preferred to turn the page and close the experience of the former rugby player from Frascati who had become conductor. After the news spread, yesterday, today chef – increasingly polemicist by profession and expert in likes and shares dictated by anger at his statements – confirms the stop but provides his version of the facts: «I'm the one who left», The reply by Gabriele Rubini, 36, whose program has never shone in terms of ratings. More than tweets and share, then. It is therefore possible that, in the face of the request for a greater commitment, on the listening side, Rubini preferred to leave. What is certain is that the new series of "Truck drivers in the restaurant" will be entrusted to another driver.

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"The reasons why I decided to interrupt" Truck drivers in the restaurant "are many and I will not be here to motivate them, given that certain things are spoken (and have already been discussed) in the appropriate offices – the chef turned anti guru wrote on Instagram -Salvinian – Of course, I can tell you that it was the only right thing to do and to be fair to you that you always support me with confidence, and for consistency with the professional and life path I am doing. Suffice it to say, however, that I no longer had the serenity, motivation and energy to continue to turn something in which I felt I had already given everything. Continuing to turn for listening has never been and will never be my peculiarity and doing it by inertia would have made me unhappy and even more nervous than I was at the end of the third season. It would fall on both the product and my incredible crew. They deserve only the maximum and I would never have been able to guarantee that maximum ».

But Chef Rubio also has it for those who, in these hours, have exulted for this defenestration:

«I close by dedicating a thought to the peasants and the caciottas who write about me: for the past 6 years they have offered me the conduct of almost all the television programs you know and if you haven't seen me and you'll never see me it's only because in the name of consistency I can say 'No Thanks'. These choices have made me give up na fracca de soldi (which sincerely would have made me comfortable as well) but on the contrary your me can look in the mirror every day without sputammenfaccia, so when to talk about me or better inform or keep silent because otherwise you just do of the very rich shit figures. Ah, when you will no longer see me on TV, it will be only because I wanted it and not your God ».

Still no official comment from the press office of the television station. So many positions, often out of place, against Israel and its citizens, but also against the police, after the murder of two agents in Trieste (this system, he claimed, "sends young people unprepared physically and psychologically"). And, even today, before providing his version of events, on Instagram he published a photo of two Palestinians, accompanied by the caption "also disfigured and crippled are always more beautiful than you" (the reference is to the Israelis) and, again " besides being illegal, you are also clumsy, cowardly against heroes »(and linked a video of an arrest by the Israelis).

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