Checks on car tax: avalanche of investigations


With the winter, in addition to the rain and the cold come the controls of the Fisco. In particular, those who will leave in a few days are concentrated on the arrears of car tax. It should be emphasized that every year, in this period, these types of investigations are started but it is always better to be "ready". The system for the car tax with the three-year limitation period for a new one that is triggered lapses the older one. It simply can no longer be collected by the Treasury unless, as noted by everyone, a communication is sent in time by the Regions to prevent the unpaid tax from falling into oblivion. And therefore with the month of December at the gates and with the last year marking the last deadline to send a payment reminder it is natural to expect a folder or a dispute in the coming days. The terms of the statute of limitations are calculated from when a new payment notice arrives.

Assessment and verification

The rule also applies to all stamps that relate to previous years. A notice to give additional time to the collection agency to recover the sum and send a ascertainment. In this context, however, an aspect that is not just secondary must be emphasized. The regions are not particularly fast in recovering these sums. And therefore it is quite predictable that with the end of the year avalanches of checks will be started on all those car stamps that have not been paid. In fact, the bodies that deal with the collection will not send notices or assessments in January: it would be too late.

The three-year rule

So the path chosen to recover resources in a relatively short time is one that involves pressing controls throughout the final part of each year. For this reason millions of Italians these days could receive a tax notice for a car tax that relates to the past. Moreover with this move the regional administration (body in charge of collecting the tax regarding the cars) earns three more years to be able to carry on the collection process. In short, these days all the car stamps of the last few years must be monitored to see if there will be a bitter Fisco surprise under the tree. In the event of an assessment or notice, it will be time to open the wallet to pay off what we had forgotten to pay, maybe a few years ago. The Fisco offensive is now underway and the controls are around the corner. A Christmas full of papers and checks awaits us …

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