Cheating even the elderly, the new business of the Camorra


They were aimed at the elderly, the weakest. And they cheated them. Carabinieri or lawyers were pretending to convince the victims to sell money and jewels. How? They said that the son of the elderly person had hit a pregnant woman and had been arrested. That it was necessary to deliver money and jewels, to initiate practices, repay lawyers or compensate injured parties. Serial scams, consumed in all Italy, who had their center in Naples, under the strict control of Contini clan (therefore of the Secondigliano alliance): there are 51 precautionary measures (including 13 measures in prison, 23 under house arrest, 14 with the obligation to sign), at the end of the investigations of the prosecutor Giuseppina Loreto, under the coordination of the adjunct Giuseppe Borrelli and the prosecutor Giovanni Melillo. They pretended lawyers and carabinieri, with lots of sirens sounding as background to the ad hoc piloted phone calls to throw the victim into discouragement and then wisely, with a good speech, to calm her and convince her to satisfy their requests. They always asked money and jewelry, the cash if they shared it giving a percentage of 20, even 30 or 40 per cent to the Contini clan ("it stands on all sides, does not move a leaf if they do not say") and the jewels brought them to the complacent jewelers where the clan he recycled his proceeds ("for every gram the jeweler kept 40/50 cents that went to the clan"). A business, that of scams to the elderly, even up to 200 thousand euros a week. In Livorno, in September 2015, an elderly victim of a fraud attempt he did not go into shock and died.

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Among the suspects for whom the investigating judge De Falco Giannone has signed a precautionary measure under house arrest there is Vincenzo Toscano, owner of a seized jewelry store, in which – according to surveys – the jewels obtained from scams to the elderly were brought. He is under investigation for receiving stolen goods with the aggravating mafia.

The organization of Holy Mary of Faith for investigators it represents the upper level of the individual scammers' batteries: the Urzini group, the Diana-Lettieri group, the Spanish group and of Passariello-Pasquarelli, the Pecoraro group, the Grivano group, the Aimen group, the Grimaldi group. At the top, people of the caliber of Expedito Diana is Tommaso Cristiano, the latter's son, Antonio, who the repentant tell as one of the few to be admitted to the table of Bosti and Contini.

IS Giovanni Fortunato, the former swindler who after the arrest in 2017 decides to collaborate with the investigators, to give the turning point to the investigations: "I want to explain how the criminal system of scams to the elderly works, like those for which you arrested me". And it reveals the system, the interest of the Camorra, the complicity of the jewelers, the disposable cards and phones (they changed one a day), the transfers, and the organization. He also says that he knew that the punishment for those who did not pay the quota to the clan could be terrible, like the one that the boss Nicola Rullo he would have had a fraudster with whom he had disagreements for money inflicted, causing his hands to be amputated "so as not to work anymore".

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A hierarchical structure, in which they would also play a role Giuseppina Diana (accounting officer), Emilia Peluso (person in charge of managing the Santa Maria della Fede club, operating base of the organization), Luciano and Ivan Urzini (specialized also in the choice of victims). All those involved will now be able to defend themselves against the charges, during the warranty interviews scheduled starting from the next hours.

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