Charging sticks, Barella drags. Lukaku? Wrong but …


HANDANOVIC 5.5: The intervention on Zaccagni is barely mentioned but could have been avoided. For the rest, Verona is never really dangerous

SKRINIAR 6.5: On the right is inevitably better, there is little to say. It is released for the final assault with great continuity

DE VRIJ 7: Brozovic is a man, Inter puts in his second director. Sensi is not there, here is the Dutch who takes the team on his shoulders. As always

STICKS 7: In the second half, he is the youngest to play the charge. It is released, it is proposed, it pulls, it crosses. All without fear

LAZARO 6.5: Performance not always continuous. But true performance. Give the assist to Vecino but it's just one of the many positive things he does

OLD MAN 6.5: It has the enormous merit of equalizing the game with its best fundamental: the head cut in the area. Not always in the heart of the game, it grows at a distance

BROZOVIC 6: Marked to man, he is often forced to turn away from the maneuver to get more space. De Vrij thinks about it and he stands aside. But it remains precious

STRETCH 7.5: A film library goal and the usual infinite amount of kilometers and grit. But not just determination: grit and feet. It took a month to become a pillar of Conte, now it doesn't come out anymore

BIRAGHI 6: In the first half, Inter played more on their side. But real danger does not create it, Candreva has a different presence

LAUTAR 6.5: Less explosive in the first ball check than usual. But it is always dangerous, with every touch of the ball

LUKAKU 6.5: Let's start from the end. Wrong a sensational goal. Ok. And for this half a point less. But otherwise, he is the true driver of the team. Sometimes dominant, he finally uses the body to keep opponents at a distance. It constantly opens up space for classmates. Other than big fox

CANDREVA 7: Enter and change Inter. Yet. It is increasingly decisive and is increasingly convinced of its means. With Conte he really looks like another player


COUNT 7: The team grinds game. It would have been absurd not to win this game. Create dozens of goal balls, real and potential. The team reflects his coach. Never gives up. And play. Always

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