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Another day of ordinary madness at home in Naples. The protest of the fans, the training with open doors, with choirs and banners against different players. Target number one captain, Insigne, then Callejon and beyond. At the end of the day, the umpteenth revolution: from tomorrow, for one night, we return to retreat.THE DISPUTE – A messy chaos, a combination of voices, false prophets and tensions, which has overwhelmed everything since the post Salzburg. Today's training with open doors (for subscribers) has been a popular outlet. The first jolt arrives at 14, when a group of ultras, positioned at the entrance to the dressing rooms of the San Paolo, where soon the coach with the team would arrive, exhibited a banner with a single word: "Respect". Then choirs always addressed to the players: "You are mercenary players", "we are Naples", "You are without co …. ni". On arrival of the whistling team and more dissenting choruses, then the ultras left the stadium, also taking it out on De Laurentiis, without attending the training.

SURREAL CLIMATE – Disappointed looks, strange faces, so the Napoli took to the San Paolo this afternoon, around 3.30pm. To assist, in a surreal atmosphere, about 500 subscribers (out of 13 thousand). Heating, then bullnose, shooting exercises and practice match. There was no tactical part, all at extremely low rates. No contact with the fans crowded in the stands. Not a greeting, the team kept to field work. Meanwhile, the indirect protagonists of the story, the supporters were unleashed. Most of all, the captain is the target.

DIFFERENT TREATMENT Insigne was targeted from the beginning to the end of the session. A general discontent, shared practically by the totality of those present at the stadium, towards the blue number 24: "M … a", "Go away!", "Take off the band!". Callejon, another praetorian of the group, also whistled and attacked. Unique (almost) completely free from criticism and insults Mertens, to which applause and some encouragement were reserved. Instead, general coldness and indifference towards Ancelotti. Tonight everyone at home, tomorrow afternoon instead of training in Castel Volturno, where then the Naples will stop (net of further insubordination) in withdrawal. Saturday night Genoa arrives at the San Paolo, then the break for the national teams.

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