Chaos Naples, Allan's wife is deleted from Instagram


It is not an easy time for Allan: the Napoli midfielder, following the chaos that is involving the Neapolitan club, was targeted by the fans, who consider him one of the main perpetrators of the Tuesday night mutiny, and a few days ago some bad guys got into his home. A very delicate situation, so much so that the Brazilian's wife, on the day of yesterday, has vented with a long message posted on Instagram:

"I believe that now you are really exaggerating and I can't take it anymore, first my husband is attacked not for what he does in the field, but for allegedly created accusations by those who want to distort the truth … And then I come insulted every day on social media with spiteful words .. this week even while shopping. This huge fear is added last night! People hiding in our house in broad daylight, with me alone at home, then putting chaos dirtying everything in the nursery, our intimacy violated … My children crying terrified! Since we arrived in Naples we have been very well received, but now people cannot use false news to do so to a family with children, this is not football, this is not rooting …".

An outburst that did not serve to calm Thais' moodiness, which today has decided to cancel his profile Instagram.

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