Chaos Naples, all against all. But what came out worse was the team



Duopoly for the Scudetto: is the title just a Juve vs Inter match?

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Chaos Naples, all against all. But what came out worse was the team

Yesterday in Naples was a surreal day. An open training session on the day of open protest is a unique and rare event: not only because the Naples of open-door training in recent years has done very little. But also, above all, because the company has decided to confirm it even after what happened in the post-match match against Salzburg. A mutiny from which we will never go back, the breaking point for a group that, taking a stand against society, has not only antagonized Aurelio De Laurentiis.

What we saw yesterday was something atypical. Also because in Naples, in these years, when things were not going in the sights of the fans, the president almost exclusively ended. Which also happened in the last hours, but only in part. Because yesterday in the crosshairs of organized cheer there were above all the players, the choirs were a succession of "Andate a lavoro" or "Fuori i cog ….". Dispute became even more obvious when the players came out of San Paolo: in Callejon, for example, they were asked to leave. And not just him.

This was also the case during the session. Through the videos published by some of the 600 fans present in the stands (the training was open for subscribers, but closed to the press) only whistles and choirs emerged towards the most representative players of this Napoli. So Mertens, among the first to leave on Tuesday night, especially Insigne, captain and then at the head of the decision not to go to retirement after the Champions League match.

Now the team will have to tighten their ranks. We are only in November and, in one way or another, the team will have to regroup to finish the season. To get to the end, put a point, and then make definitive assessments. The players will do it, the club will do it. But the impression is that in the eyes of the fans of Napoli from this delirious three days the players have come out badly: a novel for a team that in these years has always had the fans on its side. – the transfer market updated 24 hours a day

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Ibra at Milan: it's done, says Mls. Inter-Conte, all the names of Marotta. Vidal and Kulusevski on pole. Naples chaos, De Laurentiis in trouble for Sarri. Mertens and Callejon via ora, Insigne and Koulibaly in June "align =" left "width =" 100 "height =" 100

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