cernusco murder delitto Cover The two gunmen's guns to punish the usury sgarro


A wear sgarro. Donino Carbone, a 63-year-old loan shark, was supposed to have died. A sentence decided for some time. A sentence that cannot be appealed: between 6.35 pm and 6.40 pm on October 16th, the Palermo killer Edoardo Sabbatino, affected by attempted murder, drugs and receiving stolen goods, had two guns to avoid the risk of jamming, as happened with a Makarov, from which they had left the first three shots. The 58-year-old assassin then replaced the weapon with a Beretta and fired eight more times, leaving Carbone, a small retired building contractor, lifeless in his Mercedes E 280, in the condominium garage where he lived with his wife, Christmas , at 17 Via Don Milani, in Cernusco sul Naviglio. In the pockets of the victim there were 1,016.60 euros; in the house, a house characterized by a maniacal order, a folder held a blank checkbook. The inclusion of Carbone in a big round of wear, now starting point of new investigations by the carabinieri, is testified by the profile of the principal: the 72-year-old Leonardo La Grassa, known as "Nana", from Trapani, arrested in 1983, although subsequently acquitted , on charges of being a man of the powerful boss Michele Greco aka the "Pope". In one month, a short period of time in the face of a complicated hunt, the Investigative Unit solved the mystery. Assistant prosecutor Laura Pedio, coordinator of the dossier managed by public prosecutor Roberta Amadeo, summoned Commissioner Maigret.

Having to look for a literary comparison, the reference to the 87th district recounted by Ed McBain is perhaps more immediate, due to the ability, dutiful but never taken for granted, to make a team, having the carabinieri commanded by Colonel Michele Miulli operated on several fronts with the decisive contribution of the marshals of station, in a choral work carried out in the first instance, with a rhythm without being able to sleep, by the Homicide. Sabbatino had followed Carbone aboard an Opel Corsa, stolen in Brescia in mid-September (confirming the planning of the crime), and had joined him on the way down to the pits. He had cooled it directly inside the Mercedes, got back into the car but found the electric gate closed: from inside the car, covering his face with a black-colored glove worn to leave no traces at the crime scene, he had ordered a resident to immediately open the gate. The woman had obeyed but she had also memorized the typology and the license plate of the car, even though reversing two numbers: she had spoken of the EC 693 MS plate while it was EC 639 MS. At 6.39 pm that same day, the car had passed under the camera on Via Leonardo da Vinci, at an exit point from Cernusco sul Naviglio. The immediate research note had given positive results thanks to the discovery of the car parked in Cologno Monzese, near a bar from which another camera had then resumed the exit of La Grassa, a subject immediately identified by the experience of the "old "Carabinieri of the place, to whom a quick glance was enough in the films.

As shown by the internal cameras, the bar, the «Belladonna», had hosted the meeting between the principal (dressed in a red sweater) and the killer (in dark blue overalls with horizontal lines), who had delivered the weapons, contained inside the bag, in La Grassa who, two days later, had thrown the Makarov and the Beretta into the Martesana canal at Vimodrone, making the mistake of passing under several cameras. In the «Belladonna» there was a third man, the 39-year-old Giuseppe Del Bravo (he was wearing a K-way), arrested on the charge of having acted as intermediary between the principal and the hired assassin. Again the cameras allowed the carabinieri to crystallize the combination of the Mercedes di Carbone in the phases immediately preceding the crime, followed by the Opel Corsa driven by Sabbatino. There was a third machine. The Mercedes of La Grassa. When the killer followed the victim in the pits, the client stopped outside. And he stayed there. To make sure of the execution, and the fact that the killer was able to escape. But he also stayed to face Carbone's relatives, who arrived in a hurry, with their secrets on usury. They remained silent, with the carabinieri, even if they admitted knowing La Grassa, whose wife took part, alone, in Carbone's funeral. An environmental bug made it possible to hear the conversations, in a low voice, between the wife, daughter and son-in-law of the victim. "Do you know how much they are toasting?" "Debts disappear when the creditor is no longer there." "Go and remove everything." "Take away everything … and … without saying anything …".

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