Centrica Business Solutions and the guide to buying a photovoltaic system for companies


A free download guide for a first assessment of how solar energy can help a company achieve a competitive advantage, reducing energy costs, CO2 emissions and network dependency.

Operational excellence and cost management are key priorities for many companies. THE energy costs they can have a direct impact on the company's financial statements; moreover, the prices of electricity drawn from the grid are unpredictable and can vary significantly from one month to another, making it difficult to accurately estimate operating expenses.

A completely renewable energy solution capable of enhancing performance and efficiency is available directly above our heads: instead of taking energy from the grid, it is possible to optimize performance by using a natural resource to power the company: solar photovoltaic energy.

This technology makes it possible to generate its own energy on site, converting the power of the sun into electricity and thus reducing the dependence on the unreliability of the electricity grid.

This energy can be used directly on site to meet the energy needs of the company, stored in a battery system to be used later when demand-related prices are higher or fed back into the grid to create an additional revenue stream.

Solar energy is completely reliable, sustainable and economical: an ideal combination for companies that want to reduce both the cost of energy and carbon emissions.

Furthermore, it combines the provision of traditional energy with sustainability measures aimed at reducing the company's carbon footprint and achieving environmental objectives.

A Centrica Business Solution guide explains why it is convenient to use solar photovoltaics and how to choose the most convenient energy solution for your company: car dealerships, cold chain and distribution, sports centers and leisure facilities, food & beverage industry, horticulture and breeding, health care and hospitals, hotels, manufacturing industry, office buildings, schools and universities, etc.

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