Centocelle, another local in focus: he had expressed solidarity with the electric Sheep


One hundred cells it still burns. Another bar was on fire, just a few steps from the anti-fascist bookshop The Electric Sheep destroyed by a stake November 6th, on the eve of reopening after the works for a previous fire. To be burned was the Baraka Bistrot in via dei Ciclamini, whose interior furnishings were destroyed, while the building where the restaurant is located does not seem to have suffered structural damage, but was evacuated as a precaution.

From the first assessments the act could be malicious: the damper has been torn down and there are traces of flammable liquid. With this there are four locals on fire in the Centocelle district in a few months. The fire broke out around 4.30 am, and was tamed by the fire brigade. No one was injured or intoxicated.

"I closed the club at a quarter to three and went home. At 4.20 they call me those from the alarm system, telling me they hear noises. I rush into the car and when I arrive I see the shutter raised from the floor, the door open and fire everywhere. Then in a couple of minutes they all arrived, firefighters, carabinieri. It's all destroyed, "he toldAdnkronos the owner of Baraka Bistrot. "We have opened a few months ago, in September. I won't explain it. I am neutral, I am not lined up, I don't bother anyone. Of course we expressed solidarity with the electric Sheep, it is close to us, but I really can't understand. For sure when I got there road was deserted, the shutter was torn from the ground, certainly it could not have risen by itself ”.

In recent days, solidarity posts at the Electric Sheep were published on the local Facebook page. "Tonight Baraka Bistrot was also destroyed by the malicious fire of the infamous and cowards. It is an attack that the community of Centocelle cannot see alone. The criminals who want to decide the fate of the territory must be defeated together. Nobody has to stay behind and everyone, starting from the institutions, must do his part with courage ", he writes on Facebook Gianluca Peciola, Civic Movement for Rome.


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