Celtic overturns Lazio and the fans cheer "head down"


Minute 95: Olivier Ntcham, meteor in Italy with Genoa, Strakosha joke with a soft touch and bags the ball into the net. Celtic takes the lead, wins the match against Lazio (reassembled) and the exultant black player first silences the Biancocelesti fans, then celebrates with a somersault and the photographers immortalize upside down.

The same pose that the Scottish fans have mimed in the stands and in the city. A double message, sporty imitating the pose of their player, but above all politic. The image in fact referred to the banner 'Follow your Leader'who had exhibited in Glasgow during the match and after Lazio fans had toured the city doing the Roman greeting.

Already, in the first leg, in fact the two supporters (light years away from their political ideologies) had been caught. Lazio, with choirs fascists, the Scots (twinned with the 'red' fans of Livorno) with banners and, indeed, the image of Benito Mussolini overturned.

celtic Lazio-2-2

For the return race, the North curve but he had sworn revenge. The setback of those banners could not remain unpunished. First a call to the "weapons" with the appeal to "invade" the Tribuna Tevere coloring it with biancocelesti and "making the headache of the adversaries" to the sound of choirs (so far nothing wrong). Then the ambushes, in the city, with the clashes before and after the match: the budget tells of 12 Lazio supporters arrested and three Scotsmen stabbed in two days.

A paradox if you think that, a Saint Lawrence before the game, the Laf boys, the Lazio-antifascist group, met some 'top' representatives of the Scottish supporters, notoriously oriented to the left.

For the occasion, some jerseys, stickers and scarves with the words 'Antifascist brotherhood' (anti-fascist brotherhood) and Lazio and Celtic coats of arms joined by the antifa logo were produced and delivered to the British fans. Although, the anti-fascists from Lazio explain to the Dire agency, "since we are not an ultras group we cannot talk about real twinning".

lazio-celtic-3 "src =" http://2.citynews-romatoday.stgy.ovh/~media/39929700112428/lazio-celtic-3.jpeg "title =" lazio-celtic-3

So the game and the start of a thousand of Lazio: the Northern fans, moved to the Tiber, pushes the biancocelesti and Immobile in the 7th minute is 1 to 0. It seems the perfect scenario. But instead everything changes: Forrest's goals arrive at 38 'and Ntcham at 95', sending the credits of the match and probably of the European season of Lazio. Destiny upside down in Rome. Yet.

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