Celtic fans cheer in Piazzale Loreto to celebrate the victory over Lazio


Rome, Nov. 8 – Once upon a time there was Livorno and St. Pauli, today the palm of Europe's most anti-fascist supporters belongs to Glasgow's Celtic. Some fans of the Scottish team (famous for being a fan of the Catholics in Ireland as well) thought well of celebrate the away win on Lazio "upside down", or singing hymn to piazzale Loreto. Already at the Celtic Park in Glasgow the white-green supporters had already displayed a banner with Mussolini upside down and the words "follow your leader", as a provocation against the Lazio fans notoriously of fascist sympathies.

Exalting piazzale Loreto, an Italian "fashion"

Yesterday they therefore decided to reply, after winning the Biancocelesti 1-2 defeated with a goal in the 95th minute. As they explain Fanpage or the messenger, the photo where at the Olimpico some festive fans hold up one of their mates in an upside down position would have become "viral". In reality it seems that the articles that appeared on certain magazines made the photo viral. Anyway the bravado on the stands performed by Scottish fans is a fashion inherited from the Italian anti-fascists, which in recent years seem to have developed an obsessive fetishism towards the barbarism called precisely Piazzale Loreto. Not that militant anti-Fascism first distinguished itself by gallantry, but there is no doubt that in recent years, especially on social media, there has been a flourishing of upside-down photos. Celtic mussolini

The concert at the social center

Tensions that unfortunately did not help to ease tensions, indeed. They prove it the three Celtic fans stabbed in Rome, two before the game in a pub on Via Nazionale and one last night in the Prati area. Still in those parts, near Piazza Risorgimento, twelve Biancocelesti supporters would have been stopped by the Digos following riots last night. There are those in the Capital who have decided to give hospitality to white-green supporters, such as the social center "Intifada", that the evening before he even organized a concert in their honor, banning "for security reasons" the entry to the Italians.

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