Celtic fans celebrated the victory over Lazio upside down like Mussolini


I'm one of the leftmost supporters of Europe and so, when it was known from the Europa League group draw that the Celtic he would have met Lazio, it was clear that the football rivalry would have immediately moved to the ideological clash. On the one hand, overtly anti-fascist ultras groups, with a long tradition of twinning in this sense throughout Europe, on the other the Irreducible and other groups of biancoceleste organized supporters have always been on the far right. So when the referee whistled the triple whistle yesterday, some supporters of the Scottish club (but with an Irish soul) celebrated the victory by 2 to 1 in the Olympic sector in a truly unique way: putting himself upside down to mimic the hanging of Benito Mussolini in piazzale Loreto. An unmistakable gesture. Down in the first leg, a banner appeared at Celtic Park, pointing to the stands that hosted the Lazio fans with "follow your leader" written on it and next to a Mussolini silhouette. Shortly before, on the streets of Glasgow, the Irriducibili of Lazio they had marched chanting choruses and songs among the Roman greetings.

Lazio-Celtic: ambushes and stabbings in Rome

The transfer of Celtic fans to the capital was ravaged by serious episodes, particularly the night before the match. Two fans were stabbed near Via Nazionale after leaving a pub, while in Trastevere, only the readiness of a local staff made it possible to secure all the patrons from the Lazio ultras raid that had identified inside the Opposing supporters: Shortly afterwards, near the Intifada social center where some Celtic ultras groups had organized a concert, four men found with knives and bars were arrested. that two groups came into contact at Ponte Risorgimento after the game.

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