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Does the phone really hurt? We asked ourselves for the first time in 2013. Is there really a correlation between cell phones and tumors? The doubts were many and today, finally, we can have an answer. We went with Matteo Viviani to talk to Dr. Fiorella Belpoggi, director of the Ramazzini Cancer Research Center in Bologna who have been experimenting in this field for 25 years. Today the trials are over and the results have been shocking

In 2013, Doctor Soffritti, from the Ramazzini Cancer Research Center in Bologna, told us about the experimentations in which they put the animals near an electromagnetic field to see its true impact. His hope was: "I hope the result will be negative, otherwise the worries would be many" (click here for the service). Human health concerns are also concerned all telecommunications: telephone, radio, television, computer and more. Today this experimentation is over e the result is not the best. After years of research, it would seem that the use of mobile phones can increase the risk of cancer.

THE worst places to use the mobile phone in this sense are the car and the train. Because? The answer is simple: a phone on the move, to stay connected to the network, emits more radiation. Not only: all the radiation there they end up on. One of the victims of a benign brain tumor said in our previous report: "I spent 5 to 7 hours a day on the phone". Today how many hours do we spend in front of the various screens? The studies of the Ramazzini center maintain that "all radio frequencies are capable of breaking the DNA". The thing is very worrying. As are the statements of the American oncologist Anthony Miller of the World Health Organization: "all radiofrequency radiations are carcinogenic to humans".

Dr. Devra Devis, an American oncologist and writer, also talks about the scandal "Phonegate": It broke out thanks to the French doctor Marc Arazi and made telephone manufacturers tremble. He discovered how the tests carried out by manufacturers to certify the limits of emissions of electromagnetic waves would have been useless. Because they would have been made unrealistically: they simulated the use of the cellphone at a distance of 7-10 millimeters from the ear (one centimeter, in practice). Which of you uses the phone at this distance? Nobody.

Is there a difference in impact between children and adults? Surely. THE young brains absorb more radiation of those adults and the number of children using mobile phones is continually increasing. Radio frequencies would be able to attack not only the human brain, but also the testicles and even the heart. How many of you hold the cell phone in the pocket? And there is no need for you to use it, because the phone receives and sends signals continuously. We are talking about a 1.4% probability of the risk of a person getting cancer by using the telephone in excess. It seems little, but out of 7 billion, the cases would be millions. What is the government doing to inform people about the danger of mobile phones? Some advertising spots or not enough.

We try to give you a real guide to avoid unnecessary risks: click here for the tutorial on how to use the phone in a conscious and less harmful way possible.

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