Celentano, a hopelessly old and nostalgic TV


We remain unarmed in the face of Celentano's naivety or naivety. Or his determination: why does he work so hard to destroy his myth? Is he really still convinced that his presence on stage is enough, the silences, a tarnished charisma to do a show? While on the one hand Fiorello has just aired and on the other there is X Factor, is it possible that there is not a friend who dissuades him from putting around a table six people who do tv to talk about tv? Effects of involuntary humor: on the one hand there are some conductors who express themselves as students of the communications sciences course, on the other we are at bar speech (banality and flattery), so much so that at some point we feel the need to do enter Ilenia Pastorelli, with sexy walking (and incorporated monologue). It looked like an oratorical version of Sbandati or a cultured version of the five spheres of the Uree

Confused ideas and murky waters always seem deep. This is Adriano's drama: when he speaks you wish me to give him a cut and sing soon, but when he sings you are convinced that it is better when he speaks. And inevitably the sermon arrives against the spectators who have not loved the cartoon Adrian. Difficult to find one who says: maybe I was wrong, maybe I promised a lot and gave little … No, the fault is of the others: «In the first four episodes, you condemned me because I was not very present without thinking at all Adrian. Do you think that I will behave differently this time? You didn't understand anything, then … I'll do as last time and give you a reason to change the channel: I'm leaving! ". Fake exit from the scene, curtain. It is a TV, that of Celentano, hopelessly old, nostalgic. A clip of Frankly I do not care (Rai1, 1999), where Adriano talks with Ligabue about the alarm related to water resources and he understands the strength of Techetechete.

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