CdM: "They disobeyed, but we are not exaggerating. Are we Switzerland? Football in Naples is important"


In the following we propose the editorial of the Corriere del Mezzogiorno, which titled: "They disobeyed, but we do not exaggerate. Are we Switzerland?":

As often happens in our city, problems cause mass hysteria that infects all strata of society, regardless of cultural level. Naples is undoubtedly a city full of energy, sometimes difficult to control. It is the triumph of the alley, of word of mouth that magnifies everything, in a pagan ritual that requires the participation of all. We all look like Cheyenne dancing and shouting around a totem, in this case the notorious and terrible "retreat". And here are the most troublesome to unearth the hatchet, we must fight, attack those who dared to rebel against the Totem-withdrawal. Traitors, mercenaries, go away from the camp (Naples), renegades. Now, given that for me the players have made a mistake, that everyone has faults, but can a war be unleashed for this? But perhaps they have relocated us, we are no longer in Naples, an anarchist city par excellence? City that has made irreverence towards power, whatever it is, a reason for living? Where is the mask Pulcinella, historical enemy of power? Here, if I had to define Naples, I would identify it with Eduardo's long pernacchio towards the powerful of the moment. Have we become Swiss? Punctual, loyal, respectful of the rules, workaholics, alarmed by a group of boys who decide to go home after a game. In error, I repeat. Then they must be punished, insulted, attacked, but how dare they transgress an order? The desire to say would come: from which pulpit the sermon comes. But I am deeply Neapolitan, true, as they say, with a beautiful term that expresses and strengthens the sense of belonging to an ethnic group, a tribe, but also to a place, in this case, also metaphorically volcanic. And I vindicate all its strengths and weaknesses, and above all the irony, the disenchanted way of dealing with tragedies. And then I am angry, a little disappointed, but I do not participate in the game of massacre against those who wear the shirt that represents me. I do not agree, I cazzeo them, but the insults, the bad words, the threats, the catastrophisms I leave them to the others, those less Neapolitan than me. I wish they had the same rigidity towards themselves. I will always mention Naples, because everyone passes but the shirt remains. And I support the company that, with its many limitations, is the company of the team I love. We treat players as our children, but as balanced parents. We have a great team, a great coach, and the best president we could have. I support them, but I will be more demanding, the bonuses are over, I do not claim victory but I demand commitment, it is the right way to be forgiven. The excuses are of no use to me, the commitment will repay me for the bitterness of these days. But I would no longer like to hear the many solons who tell us of obedience to the higher orders, all respectful, framed. But really? Given the conditions of the city it doesn't seem to me … And then, I hear about the end of a cycle. Surreal, a football team is a work in progress, Napoli is projected into the future, Meret, Di Lorenzo, Elmas, prove it. Enough, it's since the championship started that we talk about the crisis, I've been saying for some time that a difficult climate has been created around the team. This small or large disobedience manifested itself at the wrong time, which does not happen again, but we do not turn it all into a tragicomic farce. Football in Naples is important, let's protect it.

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