Caserta earthquake, new magnitude 2.2 shock


The earth still trembles: a new earthquake, of magnitude 2.2, was recorded at Francolise, in the province of Caserta. According to the Ingv report, the earthquake occurred 3 kilometers west of the town of Casertano and 4 kilometers deep: for this reason it was distinctly felt by the population, but fortunately, from what we learn, it did not cause injuries or damage structural to buildings.

Still moments of fear, therefore, for the citizens of Casertano that yesterday, November 7, together with those residing in the towns of the province of Naples located on the border, have distinctly felt the tremor of magnitude 4.4 that occurred yesterday in Balsorano, province of L'Aquila, on the border between Abruzzo and Lazio: the quake, in fact, was also felt in Rome. In Campania, as mentioned, the quake was clearly felt in the towns of the province of Caserta on the border with Molise, such as San Potito Sannitico, while the shock was felt, for example, in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, or in the towns of the province of Naples close to the Casertano.

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