Caserta, a former priest arrested for abusing a 12-year-old girl: the girl had filmed everything


He filmed with phone the meetings that took place with the priest in the parsonage rectory because he did not want to suffer any more abuse. So a twelve year old was arrested don Michele Mottola, parish priest a Ducenta Trentola suspended in May from the diocese of Aversa.

"Leave me alone, you don't have to touch me anymore," said the little girl in the recording, but the priest replied: "It's just a game, we don't do anything wrong." Words you finish in audio delivered by the child's parents last May to the policemen of Commissariat of Aversa and be heard at diocese, which was immediately suspended don Michele from the service, informing the Naples North Prosecutor's Office.

Meanwhile police investigators led by Vincenzo Gallozzi they also collected testimonies. The circle on the reconstruction of the story ended with the probative incident that put the victim and executioner facing each other; the brave little girl confirmed that the abuses had been going on for some time, while don Michele he defended himself by saying that the minor was ranting. Meanwhile, the child's parents have turned to the TV program Hyenas because the story emerged in all his drama.


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