Case Antonveneta, condemned to over 7 years ex vertices Mps Mussari, Vigni and Baldassarri


The accusations challenged in various capacities to the 16 defendants in the Milan trial are false in the financial statements, rigging, obstacle to the supervisory authority of Consob and the Bank of Italy and false in the prospectus. Prosecutor Giordano Baggio had asked to sentence Mussari and Vigni to 8 years and Baldassarri to 6 years.

Confische of over 150 million for Nomura and Deutsche Bank The Court of Milan also ordered confiscations for a total amount of over 150 million euros against Deutsche Bank, including the London branch, and the company Nomura, charged in Milan as entities, in the Mps case process, to charged, among others, with the former vertices Vigni, Mussari and Baldassarri. The judges of the second penal section also sentenced the two credit institutions to fines of 3 million euros and more. All the defendants, both natural and legal persons, were sentenced in the trial.

The Milan process involved in particular the derivatives nicknamed "Alexandria" and "Santorini", the first underwritten by MPS with Nomura, the second with the German Deutsche Bank. Transactions linked to the acquisition of Banca Antonveneta and which, according to the reconstruction carried out by the prosecutors Mauro Clerici, Stefano Civardi and Giordano Baggio, brought significant losses for the Siena bank, all systematically hidden by the manager.

Defense Deutsche Bank: "Amazed by the sentence" "Given that the judgments are respected, I want to express great amazement at the contrast between this device and the findings that emerged during the debate. But this was the reason why he read the motives. Being convinced of the innocence of my clients, I will propose an appeal in the appeal convinced that the conclusions will be different ". This was stated by Giuseppe Iannaccone, defender of the defendants of Deutsche Bank (all ex managers except one) convicted in the trial on the Mps case.

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