Cascina exploded, the owner confesses: "I did it for insurance"


Resounding breakthrough in the investigation for the death of the three firefighters in the explosion of Quargnento, in the province of Alessandria, which occurred on the night between 4 and 5 November.

The owner of the exploded farmhouse, Giovanni Vincenti, who was questioned for hours in the barracks, confessed that it was he who caused the explosion. The man, who in these days has always denied the involvement, collapsed in front of the discovery of the instruction manual of the timer used to trigger the gas cylinders: "The leaflet for using the timer was on the dresser in the bedroom – it has said the chief prosecutor of Alessandria Enrico Cieri at a press conference – it was this element that led him to confession ".

The winners, the investigators explained, wanted to collect the insurance premium that had been stipulated last August due to the malicious fact of others. The farmhouse was uninhabited and in the explosion, in Vincenti's plans, nobody should be involved: but a timer error meant that things went differently.

TIMER ERROR – "The timer was set at 1.30 – the investigators explained – but accidentally there was also a setting at midnight. This led to the first modest explosion which, alas, alerted the fire brigade".

Firemen who intervened on the spot and who were fully invested by the second and fatal explosion.

"COULD AVOID THE TRAGEDY" – However, the tragedy could have been avoided by Vincenti, who had been informed by a carabiniere that the first fire had almost been broken. But he didn't do anything: "He didn't say – continued Cieri – that inside the house there were five other cylinders that continued to let out gas. It was around 1, there would have been half an hour of time for avoid the tragedy ".

Asked why he did not do so, in the barracks, Vincenti replied that he was "shocked by a gesture that went beyond intentions". "I didn't want to kill," he continued to reiterate. However, he has been accused of multiple voluntary homicide against him, in addition to those of disaster and injuries. His wife is also being investigated.

alessandria the funeral of the firefighters who died in the explosion
Alexandria, the funeral of the firefighters who died in the explosion

the coffins in the cathedral

The coffin in the cathedral

the crowd moved

The crowd moved

the agony of family members

The torment of family members

the premier giuseppe conte

Premier Giuseppe Conte

the tribute of the president of the council

The tribute of the President of the Council

(photo anse zennaro)

(Photo Ansa – Zennaro)


I FUNERAL – Just yesterday the solemn funerals of Antonio Candido, Marco Triches and Matteo Gastaldo were held in the cathedral of Saints Peter and Mark of Alexandria, in the presence among others of the premier Giuseppe Conte, the president of the Chamber Roberto Fico and the interior minister Luciana Lamorgese.

"You must catch them, you must do everything to catch them", it was the appeal that the relatives of the three victims had addressed to the President of the Council.

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