Cascina exploded in Alexandria, hundreds in tears at the funeral of the three firefighters


Explosion Alessandria, the funeral of the dead firefighters: Prime Minister Conte is present

The last farewell of Alexandria to Marco Triches, Matteo Gastaldo is Antonino Candido, the three fire fighters died in the farmhouse explosion of Quargnento. The sirens of the fire brigade and the applause of the people in tears accompany the arrival of the bodies of the firemen in the cathedral of Alexandria, where the bishop, Monsignor Guido Gallese, is about to celebrate the obsequies. A long applause accompanied the entry into the cathedral of coffins. The coffins, wrapped in the tricolor, have been placed on a red carpet in front of the altar. Above the fireman's helmet. In the background the notes of the organ.

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There is also Giuliano Dodero, the fire brigade team leader was injured in the explosion, in the cathedral of Alexandria. The man got out of an ambulance and entered the Church in a wheelchair, accompanied by the applause of the numerous firefighters and other people present in the churchyard waiting for the arrival of the coffins.

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The president of the council Giuseppe Conte, accompanied by Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese, Piedmont President Alberto Cirio and the mayor of Revigliasco, Gianfranco Cuttica di Revigliasco, is present in the cathedral in Alexandria. The Prime Minister, on foot, along the way has clasped the hands of the firemen deployed along the road leading to the church. Shortly before, the president of the Chamber, Roberto Fico, had arrived. About 1,500 firefighters from all over Italy take part in the funeral ceremony.

"Come on, let's take courage." Thus the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte embracing the families of the three firefighters.

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The bishop of Alexandria, Monsignor Guido Gallese, began with these words the funeral of the three firefighters who died in the explosion of Quargnento: "We are here, in this moment of profound sorrow, to ask for God's blessing for Nino, Marco and Matteo, who died in an act of service to the community". And he adds: "In this moment of pain, we must choose the love of Jesus, the only one who can give us the strength to not be overwhelmed by evil, by desperation, by bitterness". The bishop continues:

"In the face of every twist in this world and in this life, our strength lies in not getting contaminated by evil, by tares."

The commander of the firemen of Alexandria, Roberto Marchioni, took the floor at the end of the funeral: "We went from hope to disbelief for what we were experiencing, then anger, the need to understand why and who did this, then the condolences not of a city but of a whole country that has shown us an unforgettable closeness of affection ». And between the tears he added: "I am proud to be your commander".

"Come on, let's take courage." Thus the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte embracing the families of the three firefighters who died in the explosion of the Quargnento farmhouse. then tears Antonino's mother Candido answered him: "You have to catch them, you have to do everything to catch them"

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