Carlo Messina (Intesa Sanpaolo): "Plan B is to nationalize Ilva"


Negotiate with Mittal to stay in Taranto, but as plan B "the Government should evaluate the possibility of nationalizing Ilva even if it is potentially in conflict with the community norms". To say it, in an interview with Bloomberg TV, is the CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo, Carlo Messina, explaining that "Ilva is undoubtedly a strategic asset for the country".

According to the banker, Mittal is "one of the best investors in the world" and there is "still room for negotiation". It is therefore "fundamental to reach an agreement with Mittal", which remains "option number one" also as a "question of reputation for the country", because "it means that Italy is a place where you can invest and where investment plans can be made ". However, if Plan A were to jump, Carlo Messina suggests "nationalization otherwise a strategic asset will be lost".

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