Carlo Ancelotti also fails with Napoli (after Bayern)


Napoli stops against Genoa. After a week of fire and flames the fans demanded the 'Cazzimma' in the field, 90 minutes of pure football ardor to show that beyond a criticizable attitude, in the moment of the result everyone would have done their task. Instead, at the San Paolo no goals arrived but only avalanches of whistles. For everyone, even if the Magnificent Insigne, Captain of the team and the rioters, he was the favorite target. The only one to have slipped off to the side of the dispute seems to have been Carlo Ancelotti, who at the end of the race continued his silence, as had already happened in the Champions League (but this time without incurring the Naples in any fine).

After two years of Ancelotti, nothing (or almost)

Carlo Ancelotti, the technician who should have given the final turning point after the apprenticeships of Benitez, Mazzarri and Sarri today appears as the main loser of a situation that has gotten out of hand at all. From the president De Laurentiis, who will have to assert his reasons through the lawyers, to the players who no longer have on their side not even the fans, to the coach who after two years of Naples he finds himself with a project now shattered. Without having won anything and even managing to caress a serious goal.

Because the main loser is the technician

The main loser, in fact it is really him, Carlo Ancelotti, the 90-stroke hit of two summers ago and today a coach who has lost much of his credibility, failing to redeem himself after the leaden German goodbye, with a divorce from Bayern Munich . Ancelotti failed to handle a delicate situation by going against the company first – underlining his disappointment with the press conference at the press conference – failing to manage the locker room, then – he at Castel Volturno, all the others at home – per finally show weakness suspending the withdrawal itself – once De Laurentiis put the match in his fingers, making him responsible.

The end of the adventure

If today Napoli is in the middle of the table, in one manifest identity crisis, the responsibilities are certainly those who should have avoided such frictions, daughters also of a series of results not up to expectations but in front of which there has always been more of a protection and an excuse for their players. Which most likely felt at one point "untouchable", deciding what to do, how to do it and why. But finding himself burnt earth around, with the protest of the fans, the company wall and now also a coach that by now does not seem to count (almost) anything.

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