Carfagna to Renzi: "Forza Italia Viva? It is a suggestion, if government falls". Former premier: "Doors open to managers"


"If Renzi declared that he no longer wanted to support the leftist government but had other ambitions, Forza Italia Viva could be a suggestion". Thus the vice-president of the Chamber and exponent of Forza Italia Mara Carfagna, at Linkiesta Festival, responded to those who asked her if she imagined a future different from the party and if she could ever think of joining Matteo Renzi in a sort of 'Forza Italia Viva'."Today Renzi and I are in two different midfields," he said and then added: "I don't know what will happen in the next few days, but many after 25 years do not feel at ease in Forza Italia, today they feel at home. others".
"I am angry with the psychological subjection to sovereignty, it is detrimental to our party, to international alliances. In no country do liberal parties suffer from subjection to the extreme right. I do not like or accept it" he added Carfagna. "It is not an inescapable fate that a center party like Forza Italia, is destined to be blocked at 5 percent. I see a renouncing attitude," he went on to explain that the "center right must be balanced: today I do not see a center-right but a right-wing right, that's what happened in Umbria, and is likely to happen in Emilia Romagna ".Carfagna then spoke of the possibility of applying to the Regionals in Campania: "It is a premature speech, we vote in May, we must be ready for every challenge. Governing that land is an enormous challenge, those who do politics cannot stand back in front of any challenges ". Confirming that he met Silvio Berlusconi, he added: "Candidate courtesy of Salvini? I am moved and excited".

in the meantime Matteo Renzi, leader of Italia Viva, from the same stage confirmed the opening of his party: "Doors open to those who want to come not as a guest but as a manager. It is valid for Mara Carfagna and for the other leaders of her party, but we do not pull the jacket". But he ruled out wanting to pull the plug on the yellow-red government: "Going to vote now means delivering the country to Salvini, it's called masochism. If the Democratic Party and the M5s choose to go and vote today they effectively disintegrate their representation in Parliament ". And he concluded: "I hope the government does not collapse, I work to go ahead – he adds – If there is a government crisis we will follow the Constitution but now we have to think about solving problems".

Carfagna replied on Twitter, stating that his field remains the center-right:

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