Car tax, Tari and IMU: from 2020, an executive assessment to be paid within 60 days


With the 2020 tax decree, the time required for the checks and the related car tax stamps, Imu and Tari, also change. For these payments not made, in fact, you will no longer receive a tax notice but the assessment notified by the Municipality or Region will be immediately enforceable. Local authorities, therefore, from January 1, 2020 will acquire powers that until now had only been of the Revenue Agency.

Immediately executive checks

The assessments issued by the Municipality, Province and Region for their own taxes will be immediately enforceable and therefore will not follow the tax notice with the payment order.

The assessment issued by the Municipality for the Tari, for the IMU, or by the Region for the car tax, for example will also contain the notice to pay the sums within 60 days from the notification. Just like tax assessments.

To appeal, therefore, the tax payer will have to move within the 60 days in which the payment is allowed by contacting the Provincial Tax Commission.

After having received the executive assessment if you do not pay or have no recourse, you can suffer the same consequences as those who do not fulfill the tax demands, or mortgage on the house, foreclosure of current accounts or car stoppage.

After 30 days from the payment deadline (and therefore after 90 days from the notification) the decree states that it will be possible to proceed with the collection of the amounts without prior notification. The term, of course, is not peremptory.

Payment of sums to pay

Just as for tax assessments, even for executive assessments, a payment extension of up to 72 installments can be requested following the following scheme:

  • for debts up to 100 euros, no installment payments are allowed
  • for debts from 100 to 500 euros you can ask for a delay of a maximum of 4 installments;
  • for debts from 500 to 3000 the maximum allowed extension is 12 installments;
  • for debts from 3000 to 6000 euros you can ask for a delay of 13 to 24 monthly installments;
  • for debts from 6000 to 20000 euros the extension is allowed between 25 and 36 monthly installments
  • for debts over 20 thousand euros, the permitted extension is up to 72 monthly installments.

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