car accident on the A21 motorway, manager dies burned in his car


Almost nothing is left of the car, except for a skeleton blackened by the flames: the same can be said, unfortunately, of the body of the 45-year-old German – business manager and manager of the Penny Market – who died Wednesday afternoon on the A21 motorway, in stretch between Pontevico and Manerbio. Everything happened shortly after 4 pm: for reasons still under investigation, the BMW X4 driven by the 45-year-old crashed with an articulated lorry that was practically stopped in the right lane, due to slowdowns due to a minor accident, a couple happened kilometers ahead.

The violent impact, then the fire

A very violent impact, which in fact caused the fire – which would be triggered by the BMW engine – which then burned the car and the entire trailer of the truck. The manager at the head of the SUV would have died instantly, immediately after the crash. Therefore, the desperate attempts to rescue have been useless, with the ambulance arrived from Dello, the medicalized one from Cremona, the helicopter that had already been launched from Brescia.

On the spot obviously also teams of the Fire Brigade, from Brescia and Cremona, to tame a fire that was already raging with violence, and that many must have remembered the disaster of 2 January 2018, when still in A21, after a collision and a fire, 6 people died including an entire family.

Medical checks on the body of the manager

The driver of the truck would appear to be unharmed, but medical checks have been carried out. Instead, forensic medical examinations are planned, including perhaps an autopsy, on the body of the German manager who is the victim of the accident: it seems he was often in Italy for work, it is not excluded that these days he was in Brescia to also discuss disputes in progress to the Penny Market warehouses, in the Bassa and sul Garda.

The surveys were entrusted to the Traffic Police, which is responsible for reconstructing the reason for that sudden skidding, which will then lead to the crash, to the fire and to the umpteenth theater of death on the Brescian roads. From a first reconstruction it seems that the truck driver managed to release the trailer just in time, thus avoiding worse consequences. Tilt traffic: the motorway has remained closed for now, then reopened in the evening in the middle (only one lane) and at full capacity only at night.

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