Capello: 'Juve no longer depends on Ronaldo. Don't dribble a player for 3 years, Dybala makes the difference today '| A league


The former coach of Juventus and Milan, Fabio Capello, he spoke to Sky Sports commenting on the victory of the Bianconeri with goals from Dybala and, in particular, the replacement of Ronaldo: "At the moment Cristiano Ronaldo is not well and it shows. Dybala he is well and makes the difference. He is Douglas Costa they win matches even without Ronaldo and Juventus is no longer dependent on Ronaldo. Bravo Sarri to remove it, it takes personality to make this choice. He is not well, he must be recovered on the physical plane. Then it must be said, don't dribble more than a player for 3 years, you have to be honest in saying it, while Douglas Costa and Dybala jump the man in the strait, that's the difference. We must wait and recover it, even if it was not nice to go to the locker room ".

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