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Fabio Capello presents Juve-Milan. The big double ex said in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport: "Juve has strengthened year after year, taking advantage of the weaknesses of the opponents. With the growth in Europe, Juventus has become a popular destination for big stars, see Cristiano Ronaldo. Only Napoli tried to oppose it, but the technical and media difference eventually made the challenge impossible. Today there is Inter, which has the strength of the Suning group behind us and can afford to make important investments ". "Sarri also knows how to be practical. In recent months I have appreciated his management because he didn't want to impose a game idea at all costs, but he tried to find a compromise between his philosophy and the characteristics of the players. won in Moscow so, they would have criticized him 'Sarri good', because he recognizes the importance of the result ".
"Cristiano Ronaldo in the penalty area remains the number one in the world. I don't see him as physically good as a year ago
and this explains why Sarri replaced him in Moscow, the management of a 34-year-old champion is essential ".

"Higuain doesn't surprise me because I know him well and I'm happy for him, he wanted to prove that he is still useful and important for Juventus. He has vision of the game and makes the teams win. In my Real Madrid he was important and he was young, now he has more experience and has improved ".
"De Ligt? We need to give him time, but he has remarkable qualities. Perhaps in his first Italian championship he would have needed to find Chiellini again. at his side, he would have helped him ".
"Pjanic has never been questioned, he has immense qualities. Now it is said that it touches the ball more, but for me what matters is always verticalisation and he always had this gift. The same applies to Bonucci, another able to choose depth. It takes technique and courage to do it ".

"Milan had the misfortune of being sold to people who did not have the resources to run a world-class club. Now there is the Elliott fund, which gives priority to accounts, also considering past debt. You're trying to build something, but the choices of some players turned out to be wrong. Serves people from Milan, like Theo Hernandez and Rafael Leao. Plan over time, buying two-three excellent items every summer. The seasonal goal is to fight race after race and be realistic. The current Milan cannot afford to dream ".

"Changing coach often does not help to find the right path. We must be patient and understand that too many changes destabilize the environment. Gattuso has worked very well, I think the basic problem was the difference of views. I believe that Giampaolo paid for being considered too fundamentalist. Perhaps he did not properly evaluate the available players and thinking football in one way in these cases does not help ".

"Ibrahimovic would be a big hit, because he doesn't come to spend the winter. In Italy he can still make a difference. I know him well and I'm sure that if he returns to Serie A, he would try to be a protagonist. He is an intelligent and personality man. I told him 'Zlatan, you have to improve the header and the setting of the shot'. He understood and began to work on these technical aspects, showing great humility. Different characters and people, but even Seedorf behaved like this ".

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