Capello attacks Cristiano Ronaldo: "He hasn't dribbled an opponent for three years"


Edged at zero those that Fabio Capello reserve a Cristiano Ronaldo during Sky Calcio Club. Former Juve coach plan, with a compliment ("He is a great champion, this is not discussed"). But then the torpedoes arrive to the Portuguese:"Right now it is not well and it is right to remove it from the field. Will you be brave? No, it takes personality to make that change but in the end the game won us".

Capello against Cristiano Ronaldo: "With Sarri he was wrong"

The attack of Hair go on: "The fact that he didn't sit on the bench and said bad words to Sarri is not a pretty picture. One must be champion even when he is replaced, not only when things are going well. He is not well right now, but Dybala is in great shape. The truth is that Ronaldo has not dribbled an opponent for three years. I remember when he exceeded the players and left them there on the spot. Now it doesn't happen anymore while Douglas Costa and Dybala do it". The vent Hair this is how Sky Sport concludes: "If I had been in Sarri I would have reproached him in the locker room. I would have told him that he must have respect for his companions and if I take it off it's because I want to try to win the game".

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