Camilla Fabri, the order that buys a 5 million euro home on Via Condotti in Rome: it is investigated for recycling


Officially she is a saleswoman, an aspiring model: but her daily expenses are not those of a saleswoman, but those of a Hollywood star. Her name is Camilla Fabri, is 25 years old and in his past also has several appearances on TV: her husband is a Colombian of Lebanese origin, Alex Nain Saab Moran, an entrepreneur near Nicolas Maduro.Read also> Proto negotiates 4 years for fraud: "130 thousand euros from a cancer patient"

Among the crazy expenses of Camilla, says the Corriere della Sera, there would be a rental contract for 5,800 euros a month, one Range Rover Evoque from over 54 thousand euros, and above all one apartment in via Condotti 9, right in the center of Rome, in the building where the Bulgari jewelery is based: a jewel worth almost 5 million euros. But how did an order with 1,840 euros a part-time annual salary, to afford a 5 million home?

Money, writes the Courier service, come from Kinlock Investment, a company managed by the sister's fiance, Lorenzo Antonelli, and shares held by a Dubai company and a British trust. On these charges the prosecutor's office was activated, which seized the house and then uncovered an international recycling mechanism which, from Venezuela, through tax havens, had arrived in Rome and was about to involve Russia as well.

According to the prosecutors, a mechanism managed by Camilla's husband, whose wealth would come from bribes on the distribution of food in Venezuela. Investigations of 25 companies based in tax havens have led to a maxisquest of assets worth 10 million euros: Camilla and her brother-in-law would be part of a long list of nominees, now under investigation.

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