Calciomercato Naples, Mertens and Callejon towards the sale: but immediately


The chaos that is occurring a Naples in these hours it is doing nothing but creating doubts about doubts, from the field to the market. The situation is getting out of hand, but the worst may not have come yet.

In fact, on the market front, something could change immediately, starting as early as January. The senators, those suspected as the main architects of the revolt, seem to be ready to leave the blue club starting already in a few months, without waiting for the end of the season.

Calciomercato Naples, Mertens and Callejon via in January: the latest

It is no mystery that Mertens is Callejon were among the supporters of the hard line at the time of the mutiny and for this reason the very two of them, already at the center of many rumors about the delay in renewal, they could go away immediately. After the heavy words in their confrontations pronounced by the patron before the first match against Salzburg, that thin red thread of the dialogue was severed. De Laurentiis he felt a timid approach with post-Salzburg Mertens, Mertens had tried in many previous high circumstances to make himself heard, without receiving particular attention.

The feeling that the Belgian, as early as January, can leave Naples, in case ever after having written the story with the record of goals scored, it exists but is not very strong. With Callejon, instead, the distance has been clearer for some time: De Laurentiis mentioned a dialogue with Quilon, an agent of the Spaniard, a few months ago. Then, a heavy silence that does nothing but portend a farewell, as reported by today's edition of Corriere Dello Sport.

Iil Dalian, in the winter market session, with Benitez and Hamsik ready to welcome him, it is an increasingly concrete hypothesis, even with a fair balance for Naples. And it is not an idea to abandon even for Mertens, who has market, however, also in Europe (in particular in the Premier League).

Fantacalcio, Napoli without Mertens and Callejon: a disaster

Of course this situation cannot affect our world, that of Fantasy Football. Two goodbyes like those of Mertens is Callejon would be very heavy to digest, both for the Azzurri and for those who have them in pink and probably spent a fortune. Their absence would certainly weigh on the performance of the Neapolitans, also influencing their performance in the league. At that point there would be curiosity to understand with whom the Naples would it replace two ninety pieces like them, but is it worth the risk? We are sure you are good at it.

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