Calciomercato Milan, Piatek to return to Genoa: the situation


Sensational indiscretion of market launched by 'Corriere dello Sport' in its current edition: Krzysztof Piatek, striker of the Milan, could return to Genoa, already during the winter session of the transfer market of January.

After the explosion last year with the rossoblu jersey, in particular in the first 6 months, Kris had moved on to Milan he must have continued to do well until the end of the season. This year things are going much worse: an average rating of 5.55, 3 goals scored (2 on a penalty kick) in 11 games, 3 of which were substituted. In short, really bad, and therefore it is urgent to do something.

Calciomercato Milan, Genoa hopefully: Piatek is a dream not impossible

According to the newspaper, the idea of ​​the Rossoneri leadership would be precisely to send back the 9 on loan to Genoa starting from January: at the moment remains a complicated but not impossible operation.

The return journey from Milan to Genoa could be an idea that could turn into something concrete in the coming weeks. Relations between the two companies are excellent, Genoa would also close the operation tomorrow but the road ahead is long. It is necessary to understand if the boy would like to switch from the fight for the Champions to the relegation, which is not easy to digest.

Fantacalcio, Piatek at Genoa would be a great thing

But the real question is: al Fantasy Football what would you change? Surely it could not be worse, making less than 3 goals in 11 games would be almost a utopia. Also at Genoa the team would play for Piatek and the opportunities to make goals would certainly be greater. Also there would be no contino ballot with Leao, and this is an aspect not to be underestimated even psychologically speaking. And you, would you like Piatek to Genoa again?

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