"Caicedo has gritted his teeth"


Simone Inzaghi, technician of the Lazio, he spoke to Sky Sports after the defeat against the Celtic:

"The rigor was resounding, it would have allowed us to go ahead. I have little to complain about in terms of the performance of the boys. I have little to say, sorry because we have to be more evil. They have a team with qualities, they never give up.

Caicedo? He and Lucas Leiva gritted their teeth to be there, we had Cataldi disqualified. I had to force a couple of players, we arrived counted. We did a fair game that we had to do, it leaves great regret because it was a difficult group but within our reach. There is great regret, we have to do mea culpa because we had to do more. Then the resounding rigor denied, must not be an alibi, then as the first leg have punished us ".

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