Cagliari, the report cards of CM: devastating Nainggolan and Rog | A league


Cagliari-Fiorentina 5-2Olsen 6: two goals taken in the final that do not stain a careful and safe performance.

Hunter 6: precise, orderly, attentive, Dalbert does not represent a danger for him today.

Klavan 6.5: another excellent test of the Estonian, which cancels every violet attack.

Pisacane 7: a goal to seal an extraordinary period for him.

Pellegrini 6: the treacherous field does not allow him his usual forays, therefore he remains focused on his position, not forgetting some offensive sortie.

Nandez 6.5: less showy than at other times, but always invaluable in its dirty work.
(37 ’s.t. Ragatzu s.v.)

Cigarini 7: the lord of the midfield rossoblu, does not miss a ball, when the ball is up is in the safe. Unbeatable in between.

Rog 8: for an hour it is simply devastating. The goal, but also a lot more. An absolute dominator race.

Nainggolan 8.5: a goal from his own, a shot at the top corner, and three assists, one more beautiful than the others. A sumptuous Ninja who draws football. Exits from the ovation of Sardinia Arena.
(33 ’s.t. Castro s.v.)

Simeon 7.5: a striking heel goal. An extraordinary match for the former of the match who is regretted by his fans. A fury out front.

(29 ’s.t. Cerri 5.5: on the pitch to bite hands for a failed goal, albeit offside)

Joao Pedro 7.5: another goal to continue his magical period. A performance to be framed, the umpteenth in this championship.

All. Maran 8: his Cagliari is in paradise. Play a simply extraordinary match, annihilate a devastated Fiorentina. You don't stop dreaming around here.

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