Cagliari: the 10th regional congress of Legambiente Sardinia was held on 16/11


He opened the works Antonella Pistidda, president of the Circolo Legambiente of Cagliari, with a speech on the themes of the city, followed by a video greeting by Matteo Porru, winner of the Campiello Giovani Award 2019.

In the introductory report, Annalisa Colombu presented and illustrated the document "Sardinia as a transitional laboratory in the time of courage".

On the main theme of the morning "Sardinia and the challenge of climate change"A rich and articulated debate has developed. The following intervened:

  • Daniele Cocco, UniCa – Mechanical, Chemical and Materials Engineering Department;
  • Giorgio Peghin, UniCa – Department of Civil, Environmental Engineering and Architecture;
  • Roberto Tola, President of the Tepilora Park;
  • Salvatore Pala, president of the Unione Pastori Nurri;
  • Giorgio Alimonda, Mayor of Portoscuso;
  • Massimiliano Medda with the intervention "The environment according to Massimiliano Medda";
  • Simonetta Fanni is Sergio Pilurzu, ARPAS – Controls, monitoring and environmental assessment;
  • Ahmed Naciri, Cultural mediator;
  • Don Marco Lai, president of the Diocesan Caritas of Cagliari;
  • Arnaldo Scarpa, spokesman for the RWM Conversion Committee;
  • Luigi Lai is Alfonso Stiglitz, Legambiente Sardinia Scientific Committee.

They also intervened:

  • Marta Battaglia, director of Legambiente Sardinia;
  • Serena Carpentieri, Deputy Director National Legambiente;
  • Vincenzo Tiana, president of the Legambiente Sardinia Scientific Committee;
  • delegates and members.

At the conclusion of the Congress it was approved the congressional document with the report, the delegates at the national congress and the new executive bodies with the confirmations dthe Annalisa Colombu president is Marta Battaglia director and the new Regional Executive Council (21 components).

The challenges that await us are of an unprecedented complexity – he declares Annalisa Colombu, president of Legambiente Sardinia – and require new strategies and a growing commitment at all levels, to limit climate change and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable energy and economic model, in which technological innovation becomes a decisive competitive factor. Our commitment must lead us to constant dialogue with the institutions, in particular with the Sardinia Region and with the mayors who support their territories, with the University and the Schools, with innovative and sustainable companies that offer job opportunities in a land who is facing an alarming employment crisis.

Each of us, in our daily lives, is called to make courageous choices to counter the great global environmental and social problems – he continues Marta Battaglia, regional director. – Legambiente Sardinia will do its part in defining the way to go for our region and our communities, opening up to young people, favoring the active involvement of citizens, confirming the principles of scientific environmentalism to support small and large processes in the territories "re-evolution."

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