Cagliari, Nainggolan: '' Never caused problems in the national team. The Martinez coach? A madman ''


CAGLIARI – No turnaround, indeed. Radja Nainggolan excludes a return to the national team and launches a heavy jab at the Belgian coach Roberto Martinez: "I made my choice and I will respect it. I prefer when a coach tells me things in the face, he did it but after some time : he told me that he could not give me the same role I had in Rome and that he was not going to take me to the bench because I would have caused problems. An explanation that has very little value. he is really crazy ".

"Inter was wrong about me"

The Ninja had taken the exclusion from Russia 2018 badly, so much to say goodbye to the national team: "People say that perhaps the problem is I saw that I have not played with Wilmots, nor with Martinez: but if you ask each player, you he replies that I never caused any problems – he confesses in an interview with the Belgian channel of Eleven Sports – I can say that I have not always been accepted, probably I was not the favorite of the coach ". Similar speech with Inter: having been brought in by the Nerazzurri this summer, Nainggolan is demonstrating his potential with a very high level championship: "I have not insisted on leaving, but I still love football too much to finish off the team. I want to prove that they made a mistake and the good results with Cagliari are a great victory for me ".

"My wife improves, but long way"

Divorce with Inter and return to "his" Cagliari. A choice of heart, also due to the delicate extra-football events: "I could have gone to Fiorentina or other teams, but my wife's problem made the choice easier. I preferred to go to a team whose methods I knew and "In my wife's city. Claudia is fighting, but the road is long. We will have to wait for chemotherapy to see if there are complications. For now everything is going well, it's the most important thing. And I try to be more for the children , I focus a lot on them. It's not easy because we are often at home without her and it's important not to suffer too much. " And it is possible that Radja (currently on an annual loan) remains alive in Sardinia: "I still don't think about it, but I bought a house here: I could live in Antwerp, but it might not be my children's future".

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