Cagliari, Nainggolan: "I want to repay the president's investment"



Italians, who goes ahead in the Champions League?

The Young Italy
Cagliari, Nainggolan: "I want to repay the president's investment"

Radja Nainggolan, Cagliari midfielder, spoke to the microphones of Rai Sport after the challenge won against Fiorentina: "I have a strong bond with Cagliari, I have always been good. The president has made important investments and I want to repay them. We're getting rid of satisfaction and that's okay. My secret? Work work work. I see a very competitive team even for those who play less and still make their contribution. I did a semi-final of the Champions League that nobody takes away from me, but taking the satisfaction out of this place is fantastic ”. – the transfer market updated 24 hours a day

Other news Serie A

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  • 10.11 22:02 – CR7 replaced after 55 minutes it goes straight into the locker room. Enter Dybala
  • 10.11 10.00 pm – Juve, confirmations from Spain: in January assault on Rakitic del Barca
  • 10.11 21:55 – TMW Parma, Dermaku: "Always dreamed of beating a great team"
  • 10.11 21:51 – Udinese, Musso: "Penalty saved? I trained so much to improve"
  • 10.11 21:41 – TMW Rome, Smalling: "Positive month, shame about the last week"
  • 10.11 21:37 – Lazio, Inzaghi: "Good ranking but we want to improve it again"
  • 10.11 21:36 – Milan, Suso at 45 ': "We had scoring chances but we have to score"
  • 10.11 21:35 – What a beautiful Milan at the Stadium! But at the 45th against Juve it is only 0-0
  • 10.11 21:27 – Fiorentina, Vlahovic: "Very bad result, now head to Verona"
  • 10.11 21:22 – TMW Rome, for Spinazzola woe to the right flexor. Does not go with Italy
  • 10.11 21:15 – Rome resized. To be a big, you need a large rose
  • 10.11 21:12 – Cagliari, Nainggolan: "I want to repay the president's investment"
  • 10.11 21:08 – TMW Parma, Sprocati: "D'Aversa had asked us for a race like this"
  • 10.11 21:06 – Parma-Rome, the votes to the technicians: D'Aversa enjoys the precise identity of his
  • 10.11 21:03 – Udinese, Okaka: "Let's take this point and move forward"
  • 10.11 20:58 – Rome, Smalling: "We are disappointed, we will be ready for the recovery"
  • 10.11 20:56 – LIVE Rome, Fonseca: "Europe has weighed. Florenzi? We talk only about him"
  • 10.11 20:53 – Cagliari, Maran: "Nainggolan, yet another pearl. Happy for Rog"
  • 10.11 20:49 – Parma, D'Aversa: "The boys deserved the victory"
  • 10.11 20:45 – Juventus, Pjanic: "We want to close with the three points before the break"
  • 10.11 20:44 – Parma, Dermaku: "Objective salvation, but how nice to beat a big"
  • 10.11 20:42 – LIVE Parma, D'Aversa: "Too bad for Gervinho, but good Sprocati"
  • 10.11 20:37 – Juventus, Pjanic: "Inter are doing well, but let's look at ourselves"
  • 10.11 20:34 – Juventus, Paratici: "That's why in the summer of 2018 Higuain left"
  • 10.11 20:33 – Hernandez: "In this race we have to prove that Milan is the team"
  • 10.11 20:30 – Rome, Fonseca: "Team tired and we have seen. Parking will be useful"
  • 10.11 20:29 – The report cards of Rome – Pau Lopez saves the situation. Lost shepherd
  • 10.11 20:27 – Juve, Cuadrado will not go away at zero. Paratici: "Very close to renewal"
  • 10.11 20:25 – Lazio, Inzaghi: "Congratulations to the boys, it wasn't easy after Celtic"
First Marotta, then Barella: yesterday Inter responded twice to Conte (who is in an iron barrel). But in the viewfinder there was above all the market: in January Ausilio will have to 'raise the revs of the engine' "align =" left "width =" 100 "height =" 100

First floor

Juve, Cuadrado will not go away at zero. Paratici: "Very close to renewal" "align =" left "width =" 100 "height =" 100 Juan Cuadrado one step away from renewing the contract. The confirmation came, just a few minutes after the start of Juventus-Milan, directly from the Juventus manager Fabio Paratici: "It is not yet fully completed but we are very close," he said. The Colombian side is currently tied …

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