The challenge of Cagliari is approaching with its load of emphasis, some hyperbole of too much and a bit of curiosity. Fiorentina has nothing to do, it is the first 11 days of Cagliari to have given emotions to the island from the sumptuous sea and to the Italy of the ball that has found a team on the crossroads of the recurrences: one hundred years of society, fifty years since Scudetto of Gigi Riva that just two days ago has crossed the line of 75 years. Heart wishes Rhombus of Thunder, high-fidelity striker and with dynamite in the left. The moment of Cagliari, sublimated by the beautiful performance of Bergamo, triggered the general attention on Maran's training and excited the Sardinians who went to the airport to celebrate Maran and his men on Sunday evening. There is euphoria in Sardinia, the ranking reflects the path of the rossoblu: fourth place occupied in condominium with Lazio and Atalanta, five points more than Fiorentina. The ranking is never liar, who says the opposite mind knowing to lie. Cagliari, sold Barella, reinvested all the proceeds – what Fiorentina was supposed to do in the two years before Commisso – buying strong players for a total value of 60 million, not confetti. Cagliari is not a surprise, the requisites for it are lacking, it is a concrete reality the result of a well-defined planning and goal. If today is in front of the viola there is nothing strange, nor anything bad. Cagliari strong in midfield, well attacked with former viola Simeone perfectly integrated in the movements of Joao Pedro, not irresistible in defense. Probably without that nice zipper in the middle, behind Cagliari it would be even worse.

Fiorentina will aim straight into the heart of the defense because it is extremely forgivable. To do this Montella, still an orphan of Ribery, this time will focus on Vlahovic. The Serbian is young, but he really wants to play and score goals. Only he is just 19 years old and cannot bear the responsibility of the networks to do on his own. They say that in training he smashes, while when he enters he is more contracted. It is normal: as a successor, he has to settle for a few minutes and in that period of time he must satisfy the needs of the technician, with a little anxiety. A young person must be supported, accompanied, waited. Cagliari will be a great opportunity for him, a chance to play to the end. At his side there will be Church, while on the line of the five midfielders on the right, Lirola will return. Behind several Ranieri of Caceres, but the Uruguayan is recovered and Montella will decide at the last moment whether to send him on the field or take him to the bench.

In the beauty of this Fiorentina that tries to start again after so much suffering, there is the news … Finally the young girls of the cantera play. There are many: Sottil, Venuti, Castrovilli, Ranieri, without forgetting the most important, Federico Chiesa. All together they are effective. After years in which we had seen them leave for other shores for cash reasons, now the trend is reversed. It is the testimony of the great work done by the youth sector in many years. And if we think of Bernardeschi, Chiesa and Castrovilli, their talent and how close up they were baked from the purple nursery, we can say that in Florence they are really very good. Among other things, Castrovilli, with the call-up to the National team, after just 11 games in Serie A certifies what we have just said.

In Cagliari it will be tough for Fiorentina, but not impossible. The viola will have to keep pace to win in order to win: they lost in Genoa on September 1 and since then they have scored 8 points (two wins and two draws). There will be almost 500 purple fans, but this is not news. They are everywhere.



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