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Premier Giuseppe Conte among the former Ilva workers in Taranto

Bring the French-Indian group ArcelorMittal back to the negotiating table at a meeting that could take place tomorrow or Tuesday. Giuseppe Conte is in a hurry to resume the confrontation after the blitz in Taranto and the first meeting held last Monday with the ArcelorMittal management during which he was convinced that the crux of the criminal shield is "just a piece" of a much more complicated affair and that intertwines a drop in production (due to car duties and crises), a judicial climate that is not particularly favorable for those who invest in the Apulian plant and the lack – in fact – of criminal protection for new administrators.

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KNOTS A week ago, the French-Indian multinational placed 5,000 redundancies on the plate and cut production by almost fifty per cent compared to the targets set only a few months ago in the industrial plan. Despite the demands are tough, the negotiation for the government is a must and yesterday the president of Confindustria, Vincenzo Boccia, immediately criticized by the CGIL of Landini, indicated it openly. Before starting a negotiation, however, Conte wants to know the real intentions of the company because "if the problems are just an excuse to close", as Cisl of Annamaria Furlan claims, then all that remains is to prepare for the clash in the courtrooms. A war with the sound of branded cards that everyone sees in the government that the other yesterday, going to the former Ilva factory and then to the more exposed neighborhoods of Taranto, wanted to put his face to it by finding also the new European commissioner Paolo Gentiloni who sent the same message to Mittal and the government: the commitments must be respected. Conte is aware that the subject of criminal protection will also enter the negotiation, but first of all he wants from ArcelorMittal the commitment that in six months he will not come to Palazzo Chigi with a new business plan and new requests. Dealing with redundancies, a possible discount on the purchase price and criminal protection, for Conte is possible, but for Conte it is necessary that ArcelorMittal first clarify why he does not intend to respect the commitments made with the Gentiloni government.
However, the negotiation is complicated and risks running aground before leaving. ArcelorMittal has already taken concrete steps to get out of the former Ilva file, and if Lakshmi Mittal – or whoever – he is ready to sit down with Conte, if officially convened, it is not institutional courtesy. There is some room for negotiation, although very close, there is. But from the multinational they let know that "we have already expressed our conditions to the government and now we wait for a possible proposal on the basis of the nodes raised".
For the multinational, the obvious starting point is the reintroduction of the penal shield. But that's not enough. For the blast furnace 2 the right of use must be guaranteed for another year. Another node not so difficult to resolve after the meeting in the past few days of extraordinary commissioners with the chief prosecutor of Taranto. The redundancy chapter is far more delicate: Mittal has officially requested 5,000 structural, and even if the government promptly sent back the request, a mediation seems possible even if not easy and subordinate to the union's green light. A basis on which to work could be the offer made by the same multinational before the long negotiations with the unions, 8,480 total employees in Italy, or about 2,300 less than those then hired. Maybe Arcelor could ask for some extra redundancy. But already in this way the government would manage to manage almost 4,500 workers through social safety nets, given that the extraordinary commissioners have already managed 2 thousand workers, of which 1,600 are in cig. Finally the fourth and last condition already advanced by the multinational: ArcelorMittal asks to be able to work in a less hostile climate. The reference is to relations with the government – current and past – considering the clash that has lasted for months on the criminal shield. But in reality ArcelorMittal's goal is also to have a more peaceful atmosphere with the unions but also with the courts and prosecutors.

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